Zombies are coming. The grid has collapsed. The sh*t has hit the fan. Or — maybe you just want to get away for a weekend. What do you do?

If you have the BOSS Bug Out Survival Shelter, the answer could be right in front of you. Right behind you, more likely: The BOSS is a 6-foot-wide, all-terrain trailer that can be pulled behind a vehicle. Inside, the BOSS is similar to a normal camper. A galley with a sink and a two burner propane stove make food preparation easy. A king size bed keeps adventurers rested and ready to take on the world. Or zombies.


So what makes the BOSS a “survival shelter” and not just a “camper?” The manufacturer has teamed up with survival guru Tim Ralston to equip the unit for SHTF scenarios. The BOSS comes with up to six months of food rations, along with cooking equipment, two sleeping bags, and a medical kit. A ready-to-go bug out bag is also included. Extra gear can be locked in the BOSS’s storage containers, or held on the roof luggage rack.

Got power? The BOSS does. It’s 12-volt electrical system can run off of a connected vehicle, or can recharge from the included solar panels.

Overall, the BOSS Bug Out Survival Shelter is a neat concept. But should you buy one? The fully-stocked unit retails for around $20,000. If you like pre-packed items that are immediately ready to go, the BOSS will probably work. Adventurers who prefer to do it themselves can also purchase the Little Guy Rough Rider trailer — which the BOSS is based on — for about $12,000 and spend the rest on supplies.


Either way, an all-terrain camper stocked with adventure gear is a very cool idea. We want one.

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