In a fast paced society where it sometimes feel like all business and no play, never forget the necessity of having manly hobbies. This simply means, that you are spending what free time you have to enhance a part of your life that you are passionate about.

Having a hobby allows you to become an expert in something. This part of your life is where you devote your time because you enjoy what you are doing and have an interest in the subject.

It contributes to your manly knowledge arsenal and keeps you impressive. Ultimately, devoting yourself to a good man hobby means you are not the type of man that is content with a boring lifestyle. You want to keep that sense of adventure and expertise in your life.

It is never too late to begin a new hobby and become an expert. Here are some examples of favorite hobbies for men among the Manly Adventure staff.

Site Building

Site building

This very site was created as, and continues to be a man hobby. The idea was to find an area of the web which we enjoyed reading about, man stuff, and contribute our own ideas and thoughts. It truly is a great way to spend your free time. It enhances writing ability, knowledge of website design, marketing, and of course the added expertise you receive every time you research an article.

Starting a website is as easy as finding that niche that you think needs to be expanded. Find yourself a relevant domain name from a seller such as GoDaddy, and you can then find a host. There are many companies from which you can both purchase a domain name, and host your site. This could be a great place to start.


shooting at the range

Working on your marksmanship skills can be a very rewarding hobby. The use of a firearm has been a manly tradition dating back to the founding of our country, and it is important to continue this background of a gun wielding nation.

If you do some research in your community, you will no doubt find gun clubs or rangers which are open to the public. Many ranges even offer firearm rentals, where you can try the latest gear.

Survival Techniques

survival shelter

So you can prepare for the impending zombie apocalypse of course. Now, we may not be suggesting to strand yourself on an island to practice, but it is certainly important to have a working knowledge of survival methods. You can practice land navigation with a topographical map and a compass, or create a shelter out in the woods. If you can occasionally practice methods and techniques of wilderness survival, you will be less likely to crack under the pressure of a real survival scenario.

If you are looking for a great resource on survival skills, we highly recommend “How To Survive Anything, Anywhere” – Great book and superb writing style.

Rebuilding Motorcycles

motorcycle repair

This is a great way to enhance your knowledge of motors and mechanics, and it is easy to start. Check out your local Craigslist listing for a cheap, beat up motorcycle which is far from being a beautiful road machine. Remember, the idea from these manly hobbies is to learn from the experience, by spending hours rebuilding and researching. With access to virtually unlimited information on the internet, even an inexperienced mechanic can learn the inner workings of a motorcycle.

Once you have your motorcycle up and running with a new spark of life, ride it around. Keep it or sell it. Then start over. You can only learn more and more.

Antler Collecting


During some of my adventures in the San Juan National forest,  I met a railroad motorcar operator who was also an avid antler collector. On his days off, he would explore and search the woods for the mule deer and elk who naturally shed their antlers. This man had a shed full of beautiful of racks, each worth five dollars or so. With so many people living in the southwest who have a taste for antler decor, he could turn a decent profit.

Though the extra money might be a great bonus, he mentioned the best part was roaming the forest when it is quiet – exploring areas he had never been. Doesn’t sound too bad.

Currency Collecting

foreign currency

The perfect hobby for a manly traveler. Collecting currency gives you the opportunity to understand exchange rates and the history behind many countries’ economic structure. It also has a great practical application, as you will surely need local currency when traveling abroad. Might be a good idea to keep some foreign cash on hand for your adventurers.

On top of that, most foreign money is beautiful to look at and display. Unlike American dollars, many countries utilize bright colors and higher quality paper and coin machining processes. You can start your collection by purchasing currency from an online exchange site such as TravelEx. You can also find collection starter packs full of genuine, unique currency shipped right to you – Purchase some here, direct from Amazon.

Building Model Rockets

model rockets

Just don’t blow yourselves up. Just like the rocket boys of Coalwood, you too can find some thrilling times building and launching rockets. Hopefully yes, they launch.

Through your building process you can learn the concepts of physics, guided missile design, and rocket fuel. Excellent. Launching a rocket is also a great activity to share with young kids. It places their imagination in another world.

Always exercise caution and safety when dealing with a ballistic missile. If you have never built a rocket before, we recommend starting with an Estes rocket. These have been around for years, and are designed to give you a rocket to build and then lunch, using a designated amount of pre-made materials.

The Tandem X launch set might be a great place to start. It includes a launch pad AND two different rockets. Then, if you are feeling ambitious enough, you can attempt to build your own rocket from scratch. Please warn your neighbors.


A reliable Spelunking companion

Another great hobby which feeds a man’s appetite for exploring and adventure. There are hundreds of caves to be explored in the United States, and you never quite know what you can find there. As long as you can obtain permission to enter a cave on private property, this hobby should not cost you money apart from the provisions you bring with you and your party.

For more on spelunking and how to get started, check out another great ManlyAdventure article –Introduction to Spelinking


bouldering man

Trying to find an outdoor activity for the weekend? Find a big ass rock and start climbing. Bouldering is the form of climbing which is generally just a few feet off the ground, with no safety gear other than a crash pad. To be an effective boulder, a climber has to have great upper body strength and strong hands. Practice is key. Bouldering makes for a great man hobby and is a fair bit of exercise.

Enjoy the outdoors and get into peak climbing shape. Man.



Yet another fantastic exploring hobby. Geocaching is the sport of finding a hidden container using a handheld GPS. There are over two million geocaches around the world ranging in difficulty. Check out for the hidden items closest to you, get yourself a GPS and start exploring and discovering.

Once you have searched for caches for a while, you may find yourself looking for a bigger challenge. Assuming you are quite physically fit, we suggest focusing on geocaches which have a higher terrain difficulty rating.


Collection of antiques

Inspired by the show “American Pickers”, the art of buying and selingl old collectibles and antiques can be a very rewarding hobby. There is so much history to be found in old items which have been put away in storage. Along the way, you can learn valuable skills in bargaining and haggling. Good knowledge to have for a worldly traveler. You do not have to have a warehouse full of items in order to have a fulfilling hobby, simply start by buying some cool antiques and see if you can turn a profit.

You can find unique items at garage sales, flea markets, Craigslist, and Ebay. Take a look, and see what cool pieces of history are out there.

Martial Arts Training

punching bag


This is great idea for a man who wants to stay in prime physical shape, but also advance himself through a useful skill. Martial arts training might just be the hobby for you. Though you hopefully never have to use your set of skills, you will gain mounds of confidence knowing how to use your new self defense skills.

The mixed martial arts are growing faster than ever, and it is fairly easy to locate a martial arts club or gym with quality instructors. Consider signing up for a class in Muay Thai or Jiu Jitsu – two very useful combat techniques.

No matter which hobby you decide to partake in, keep at it and you will be a better well rounded adventurer for it. 

Stay manly.

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