The daily carrying of a knife is a manly practice. For years, the knife has been a staple of the manliest men of American society and the things they have been able to accomplish. From the Bowie knife of the frontier man or machete through the jungles of Vietnam, a knife at a man’s side can easily be one of the most important tools a man can own. In this modern age, the technology of knives is amazing and affordable. There is simply no reason not to incorporate one into your daily life.
Let’s take a look at the wonderful variety of knives and how they can become a manly part of your routine.

Why Carry a Knife

Man have a history and reputation of being ultimately the most resourceful person in the room. Ready to jump into trouble and fix the issue. This is why we love tools so much. When presented with a problem, find the correct tool, and problem is solved. The same is true with a knife, as it is indeed a tool. Maybe your problem is opening that pointless plastic electronics packaging around your new gadget. Maybe you have just been jumped by two hooded thugs walking back from dinner. Or maybe, you can impress this gorgeous girl on her birthday by cutting eye holes into her ridiculous party hat. Yes, that actually happened. The main point of a knife is that it is always there when you need. The practical uses can be endless, but it of course has its common connections. Hunting, fishing, camping, personal defense, first aid, eating, opening things, and circuses.

Types of Knives

Essentially, most knives can be split into two encompassing categories: folding and fixed bladed.


The folding knife has become an American icon. Along side of your car keys and cell phone, a folding knife is an everyday carry item.  The term pocket knife is still fairly new to the world of bladed tools, but it is hard to imagine your life without one. A folding knife works by allowing the blade to pivot on the knife grip. This means that you can pull the blade to the extended position when in use, and secure it back into the grip when done, where it is flush and safe to place into your pocket or bag. This style of knife also allows manufacturers to create a very compact knife, by reducing the overall length in half when it is closed.

Folding Knife 2Folding Knife 1

A common and simple folding knife is the single bladed knife. This is commonly carried by law enforcement personnel and is a favorite for personal protection. The blade is larger than most folding knives, very sharp, and designed to fit into a man’s pocket. Most good single bladed folding knives come with a metal clip which allows the owner to easily slip inside his pocket while still keeping it secure on the pants. This also positions the knife on the top of the pocket for quick access.

Knife in pocket

Common example of wearing a folding knife

Folding knives can also have multiple blades. Most manufacturers offer knives with up to four blades of different style and length. This can quite useful when you need a small blade for the job, and a single bladed knife might be a little too bulky. A good habit is also to use one blade for all of your “beat up” jobs, where you don’t care if you accidentally chip or damage your blade.

Remember also, that folding knives can be either locking or non-locking. This simply means that once the blade is extended and ready for use, there can be a locking mechanism which prevents the blade from slipping while in use. If it does slip and starts to close itself, it could be very dangerous for the user. Not all folding knives have a locking mechanism, so make sure you look into that when buying your own knives. Gerber, Buck, Smith & Wesson, and Benchmade all make great folding knives that are actually pretty affordable.

Fixed Blade

There are some instances where a fixed blade knife might be a man’s better option. Rather than a blade being a separate part of the knife, fixed blade knives are constructed as one solid piece of metal. As you can imagine, this gives the knife tremendous strength and power over a multi-piece knife. This being the case, solid fixed blade knives are a favorite among hunters and the military. There are hundreds upon hundreds of variations and styles, but some of the classics make the best knives.


Ka-Bar Fighting Knife


Fixed bladed knife

Example of a “Bowie” Knife style

Due to their large size, it best not to try and wear this as your everyday carry knife; unless of course your daily routine requires a fair amount of clothing layers. These types of knives make fantastic hiking and hunting companions, as well as a fine addition to a survival or bug out bag.

When searching for a fixed blade knife, you are going to find many manufacturers and styles. You can also find some great custom or handmade knives for sale, but be sure to check into the quality of the knife and its feel. Start with ColdSteel for a good quality knives on a budget.

Other Knife Styles

Beyond your basic folding and hunting knives, there are other useful and unique knife styles to choose from..

Leatherman open

Multi-tools like this Leatherman, make fantastic daily carry knives. In addition to the blade, you get pliers, saws, screwdrivers, and much much more.

Kukri Knife

This “Kukri” style knife is ideal for chopping and makes for the perfect survival knife.

SOG Machete

SOG Machete










Randall Hunting Knife

Randall Hunting Knife

The main thing to remember is to match the knife with your needs. Not everyone needs or even has the ability to carry a large hunting knife on a daily basis. Maybe a folding pocket knife would better suit you. Perhaps you spend the majority of your time in the wild, and thus need a heavy duty knife which can be used and abused. You have decide. But above all, do not be caught without one.

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