Getting caught off guard in a bar fight could possibly cost you your life. You are out for a couple of drinks with perhaps a couple of friends, or even a lovely companion, and some drunk imbecile decides to bring you into his stupidity. Normally, you two would not even know or associate with each other, but alcohol consumption has a funny way of breaking those barriers down. The threat is imminent and also violating your personal space.

If you have already tried talking yourself out of it, or removing yourself from the situation, fighting may sometimes be the last option. When a fight is going to happen, you must fight as if your life depends on it.

Know your surroundings,  avoid tunnel vision

This is the time to embrace the adrenaline and assume a heightened state of awareness. As a fighter, you need to notice not only your attacker, but the area around you as well. Where are the nearest exits? How many people are around you? Where can you find an improvised weapon? Stay aware and you will stay alive.

Anything can be used as a weapon

Bar stools, bottles, pool cues. You can find all kinds of blunt objects throughout a bar. Use them to your advantage and save your limbs.

Know vital areas

Human Body Stricking Points

Vital Areas and Striking Points on the human body

You may only be able to get in a few get shots on your attacker, so you best make them count. Keep a basic knowledge of human vital points and you can do some serious damage in a short amount of time.

Use a good combat stance

Fighting Stances

Fighting Stances

Legs should be placed shoulder width apart with a slight bend at the knees for stability and quick movements. Keep your arms in front of you in a defensive manner, keeping them close enough where you can protect your face from hits.

Go bat shit crazy

Now is not the time to try out your best Rocky look, or a 1-2 combination punch. You need to get crazy on your attacker. Let the adrenaline flow and fight like your life depends on it. Not only will this strategy make your hits more powerful, but you will achieve a psychological advantage against your opponent  Perhaps you can even discourage an onlooking from joining in, when they see how nuts you are. Crazy is good.

All is fair

Remember, this is a brawl. There are no rules. If you think you can disable your opponent with a groin shot, go for the groin. If you fight unorthodox and unexpectedly, you are that much closer to winning the fight.

Elbows, knees, headbutts

An example of an elbow strike, to the throat.

An example of an elbow strike, to the throat.

These 3 points on your body can be devastating weapons in a fight. A punch can be effective, yes, but switching your strikes to a quick elbow or knee strike is sure to catch your attacker off guard. Headbutts can also be an effective “surprise” attack when in close body encounters. If you use your head as a weapon, remember to aim for the lower part of your opponent’s head. Eyes, nose, mouth.

Get the hell out

Once you have effectively beaten the tar out of your attacker, leave. In case he might have some comrades about to avenge his failure or if you want to avoid the authorities, best to get out of the situation as soon as possible. Congratulations on living another day.


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