The North American T-28 Trojan was a slick two-seater trainer for the U.S. Military back in the 1950’s. Capable of reaching speeds of well over 300 miles per hour, the Trojan served not only as a useful pilot training tool, but also became valuable as a recon aircraft during the Vietnamese war.

t-28 navy

Note the NAVY markings. This aircraft was likely the T-28B, with a 3 bladed propeller.

Around 2000 T-28’s were built between 1950 and 1957, although they were never known as big combat dog fighters or bombers. The Philippines did however purchase a large number of these for their Air Force, equipping them with machine guns and ordnance.

You can still occasionally find these pretty planes being used as trainers or as historical pieces in museums and air shows. In rare cases, you can find a beautiful woman on top of a Trojan.


t-28 girl 1

t-28 girl 2

She does enjoy a good crank shaft.

t-28 girl 3

t-28 girl 4

Aviation tip: Keep holes and surface clean

t-28 girl 5

t-28 girl 6

And finally, a nice black and white shot.

t-28 girl bw

Many thanks to Ashley, for letting us showcase her amazing photography skills. Check out her site HERE.

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